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I'm a creative thinker and digital strategist with a strong background in art direction, user experience design, and team management. Working for various startups in the past has trained me to maximize efficiency by focusing on what counts. Working for a Fortune 50 corporation for over a decade forged my skills in empathetic user experience design, product innovation, and creative team leadership. I enjoy following projects through from inception to execution and optimization; always seeking to foster healthy interaction between designers, product partners, and technology teams.


People person

23+ years experience in Art Direction, Creative Team Leadership, UX/UI & Graphic Design, and Digital Commerce.


Lean & mean

15+ years experience in UX Strategy, Product Management, Agile Development, Usability Research, and Design Thinking.


The user is always right

15+ years experience in empathetic experience strategy and customer service design.


Identity champion

Expert in data privacy, identity management, authentication, and security related experience design.


Focus on mobile

Native app experience and a mobile-first approach to responsive web design.


Endless empathy

Wow, you're actually reading body copy. Congratulations, I just lost a bet.

There are no rules

When it comes to designing an experience, all possibilities must be considered. I enjoy experimenting with playful ways to solve problems, and researching the outcomes. We are all users of systems, interfaces and tools – and there's a lot to be learned about how humans respond to their idiosyncratic intuitions. Design is never done, I believe there is always a better way to do it.


Human by Design

As an experience design specialist, I always put my end user on a pedestal and aim to please them at every turn. I'm not afraid to challenge decisions which sacrifice the audience's needs in exchange for business efficiency. I will always champion what's right for the intended user, and will spearhead research to learn what that means if there is any uncertainty about it.


A Dedicated Partner

I am a formally trained designer, but possess a Product Manager's mindset, envisioning ideal digital experiences and crafting achievable roadmaps. I prioritize understanding technology and foster collaborative relationships with Engineers, Architects, and Developers. Despite potential clashes of overlapping disciplines, my diplomatic approach fosters ownership among stakeholders, enhancing team output and cohesion.


Process Excellence

I've collaborated with diverse teams across various projects, adapting to changing tools, platforms, and objectives while maintaining a focus on delivering top-notch experiences with minimal internal friction. With experience spanning from start-ups to Fortune 50 enterprises, I understand how to optimize team dynamics for value delivery. My approach emphasizes efficiency, minimizing distractions and leveraging effective tools and strategies to keep team resources aligned and productive.


Brian Oh Senior Director, Product Management

"Matt was an amazing partner for identity. He fully immersed himself in the concepts and problem statements and was a true thought partner. The work we do is complex and vast but Matt was always up for the challenge and pushed the group to think bigger and more deeply rooted in the customer. Matt was also technically savvy and that came of great use when we were ideating and breaking out the destination and even during short term solutions. I would happily work with Matt again any day. I cannot emphasize enough how much of an amazing thought partner Matt is and how dedicated he is to his craft. Happy to be a reference for you to anyone looking to bring on as a great leader, designer, strategist. "

Jessica McGinley Director, User Research & Strategy

"Matt is an incredibly talented designer and a wonderful partner to work with! For anyone with open roles, he would be an asset to any team."

Dan Rosenberg Senior Director, Digital Experiences

"Above all, it's the thoughtfulness that Matt brings to his craft which distinguishes him from peers - every design choice is purposeful, and every personas' needs met."

Crys Moore Direct Report, Product Designer

"I worked for Matt way back when. He's empathic, a great design leader, very collaborative, and a great mentor."

Gerard Gober Executive Creative Director, Digital Experience

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Matt on many high-profile projects at Comcast NBC Universal. Matt is an exceptionally talented designer with an unmatched work ethic. His strong attention to detail and knowledge of his craft make him an excellent example of what a designer should aspire to be in today's fast-paced digital environment. He has an innate ability to see a design solution from multiple points-of-view, and is excellent at collaborating with technical delivery teams. Matt consistently considers the impact of his design on the end user; and how those users needs should be met. He is versed in using all forms of data and metrics to inform and guide his design solutions. Additionally, Matt is a genuinely nice guy who is easy to work with. He is a tremendous asset to any team he is on."

Olusegun Obafemi Director, Digital Transformation

"Matt is an exceptional Experience Designer. He is one of the most talented minds I've had the privilege of working with. He brings unique and consensus-building perspectives to teams. His creativity and talent is one leading organizations crave. I hope to work with Matt again in the future."

Trish Allan Schreiber Director, E-Commerce

"Matt is an incredible partner and an insightful designer. I'm so lucky to have worked with him!"

John Williamson Chief Digital, Innovation and Technology Officer

"Matt is an amazing talent."

Pat Schlitzer Direct Report, Graphic and UX Designer

"Matthew is patient and focused with every task. I am continually impressed with his all around knowledge of developing media. Whether it is video production, branding, web design, or user interface - he always has good insight and will lead you in the right direction to do the best job possible."

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