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Hello there

I'm a creative thinker with a strong background in art direction, user experience design, and team management. Working for various startups in the past has trained me to maximize efficiency by focusing on what counts. I enjoy following projects through from inception to execution and optimization; always seeking to foster healthy interaction between designers, product partners, and technology teams.


People person

23+ years experience in Art Direction, Creative Team Leadership, UX/UI & Graphic Design, and Digital Commerce.


Lean & mean

15+ years experience in UX Strategy, Product Management, Agile Development, Usability Research, and Design Thinking.


The user is always right

15+ years experience in empathetic experience strategy and customer service design.


Identity champion

Expert in data privacy, identity management, authentication, and security related experience design.


Focus on mobile

Native app experience and a mobile-first approach to responsive web design.


Endless empathy

Wow, you're actually reading body copy. Congratulations, I just lost a bet.

There are no rules

When it comes to designing an experience, all possibilities must be considered. I enjoy experimenting with playful ways to solve problems, and researching the outcomes. We are all users of systems, interfaces and tools – and there's a lot to be learned about how humans respond to their idiosyncratic intuitions. Design is never done, I believe there is always a better way to do it.

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