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Work samples

An overview of some recent projects which benefitted from my strengths.
Please note: this work incorporates the input of other talented designers, as well as proprietary concepts which may have since been modified.

Comcast aka Xfinity

My time at Comcast forged my strengths in user experience work centered around helping consumers conveniently access and maintain autonomous control of their information and services. It was a great pleasure to repeatedly translate direct customer feedback into product design improvements which increased experiential satisfaction and brand trust.

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Xfinity Privacy Center
Client: Comcast Corporation
Role: Creative direction and UX strategy
Team: 4 designers, 1 copywriter, 2 researchers
Timeline: 6 months

Comprehensive experience for learning about and managing corporate data privacy.

Leveraged new design system to create an informational microsite, including multi-tenant consumer flows for downloading, deleting, and correcting personal information. Worked in lock step with Product, Engineering, and Legal partners to create a research-driven experience dedicated to educating consumers about Comcast’s data privacy stance, as well as utility flows for managing personal information and preferences (Cookies, SPI, etc.).

The company was able to align with emerging legislative and ethical standards by introducing a valuable new service, increasing brand trust for those impacted by the use of their personal information.

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Comcast Identity & Authentication Management
Client: Comcast Corporation
Role: Creative direction and UX strategy
Team: 2 designers, 1 copywriter, 2 researchers
Timeline: 2 years

Design-led evolution of a robust platform for identity management and authentication leveraged across multiple digital products.

Championed a multi-year effort to bring experiential consistency and modernized standards to an antiquated enterprise-level system.

Perceived friction during user flows for authentication and verification was drastically reduced. An ideal balance of newfound convenience, familiarity, and increased security produced a higher overall net promoter sentiment among customers.

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Secure Multifactor Authentication
Client: Comcast Corporation
Role: Creative direction and UX strategy
Team: 3 designers, 1 copywriter, 2 researchers
Timeline: 6 months

Research-driven campaign to improve customer security and reduce identity fraud.

Introduction of multi-screen experience allowing customers to approve or deny requested access to their account and services.

Successfully reduced digital fraud while increasing brand trust and experiential satisfaction. Assisted with campaigns launched to educate customers and employees about the importance of cybersecurity.

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Customer Service & Account App
Client: Comcast Corporation
Role: Creative direction and UX strategy
Team: 4 designers, 2 copywriters, 2 researchers
Timeline: 1 year

Customer-feedback focused feature development of account management sections in customer-facing mobile app with millions of active users.

• Bill/Payment settings
• Identity/Auth/Profile settings
• Xfinity mobile cell phone service management
• Help and Troubleshooting
• Notifications settings
• Feature adoption and promotion

Worked in concert with product and engineering stakeholders to collectively evolve the feature set of a robust digital account management experience.

Empowered customers with complete control over key account functions, significantly reducing the need for interaction with support agents.

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  • Design team leadership and resource management
  • Strong partnership with Product and Engineering
  • Art direction and content/UX strategy
  • UX research and usability testing
  • UI/interaction design, wireframing, and prototyping
  • Lean documentation and agile iteration
  • Design system sophistication
  • Executive presentations

Feature Concepts


Vacation Mode

Conceptualization of a multi-product journey keeping a customer in touch with timely needs from their services.

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Security Score

Visualization of a gamified way to keep customers in control of their digital privacy and security.

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Multi-account Management

Proposed experience for managing WiFi networks across multiple households.

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